Painting Gallery

Tony works in a meticulous, hard-edge, super-realist style. He often blends humour and whimsy into his painting subjects. Frequently the paintings are inspired by puns and wordplay, reflecting his love of language. Being cheeky, he also likes to engage a little Trompe L'oeil trickery.


His fascination with nature has also resulted in many fine wildlife paintings.


Tony has had exhibitions of his paintings in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, the Central Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and he has participated in many group exhibitions throughout Australia. He has won various prizes and sold works to buyers from all over the world.


Tony has also performed commission work for private and corporate clients, as well as picture book illustration and book jackets for a variety of publishers.





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© 2015 Tony Wellington

A couple of Venetians I Once Met

68 x 45 cms