How a Musical Revolution Rocked the World in the Sixties

Freak Out is Australia’s coming-of-age story, of how we as a nation were dragged into global culture by the unstoppable momentum of rock and pop music. The sixties was an era of extraordinary change and earth-shattering events. The music scene responded with popular anthems that reverberated across the planet. What’s more, the gun was fired on a period of unprecedented musical innovation and creativity, the likes of which have never been repeated.


Music spoke to young people in their own bespoke language, urging them to view themselves as decidedly separate from mainstream society – even suggesting they might ‘drop-out’ altogether. For a brief time, millions of young people across western culture actually believed they could successfully reinvent society. Liberation for pacifists, women, people of colour, homosexuals, students and the oppressed seemed to be just a short revolution away. 


There was no room for complacency or apathy in the face of the Cold War, Vietnam War, and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. Australians may have been spared the fear of bomb blasts and assassinations, however the ructions abroad invaded our national psyche, and the music that was generated in that milieu infiltrated Australian culture and transformed society forever. 

Freak Out is published by Monash University Publishing. 

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WILD ABOUT NOOSA, a superb new book celebrating the diverse wildlife to be found across the Noosa Shire. Over 200 pages of breathtaking colour photographs in a hard cover, coffee-table book. All text and photographs by author, photographer and former Noosa Mayor, Tony Wellington.

Books are now available for $50 incl postage.

To see examples of Tony's exceptional wildlife photography, see images under Photography on this website or go to his Facebook page of the same name: Wild About Noosa


Wild About Noosa 

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Colours of Noosa $15 incl p&h in Australia

Noosa’s beaches, bush, waterways and wildlife are revealed in all their glory in this full-colour photographic book.


Wellington has turned his passion for the region into a superb 88 page visual tone poem. Beaches, mountains, lakes, hinterland and wildlife are all captured.















Queensland's Sunshine Coast is blessed with natural wonders and breathtaking scenery. This book is a celebration of the region, which stretches from the Glasshouse Mountains to the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park.


Favorite tourist destinations of Noosa Heads, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Caloundra are represented along with their surrounding districts. Beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, hinterland, human activities and wildlife are all superbly captured in this full-colour 96 page hard-cover book.

Colours of the Sunshine Coast

$15 incl p&h in Australia


  Noosa & Cooloola

A hard-cover colour photographic book (30cms x 26cms), 144 pages with words and photographs by Tony Wellington. Commissioned by Noosa Parks Association.


Noosa: the very word itself has become iconic. Today's Noosa is a major tourist destination as well as a magnet for residents seeking a lifestyle that combines urban sophistication with natural beauty. In how it has managed its natural environment and maintained a low-key human footprint, Noosa is quite unlike other coastal Australian settlements.

Many who visit or settle in Noosa fail to appreciate that its disticntive qualities were hard won. Most significantly modern Noosa is in large part the result of more than a half a century of effort by one visionary community organisation - Noosa Parks Association.

Immediately to the north of Noosa lies the massive wilderness area known as Cooloola. This is the mainland section of the Great Sandy National Park, notable for containing the largest vegetated dune system on the planet. Noosa Parks Association's role in rescuing this natural wonder is generally under-appreciated.


With engaging text and magnificent full colour photographs, this coffee table book presents both the familiar and hidden worlds of Noosa & Cooloola, and is a glowing testament to one of the oldest and arguably most successful conservation groups in Australia.










Happy?   Exposing the Cultural Myths about Happiness    



We live under a tyranny of happiness. Politicians, celebrities, advertisers, personal growth gurus - and now even Positive Psychologists - insist that we can each achieve greater happiness. But can we?


To find out, Tony has considered masses of empirical studies from around the world. He has also interviewed a wide range of notable Australians including Rev. Tim Costello, Richard Eckersley, Bill Leak and Dr Caroline West.


Of course everyone wants to be happy. Accordingly, we are inclined to accept at least some of the culturally-ordained avenues to achieve that blessed state. These include an ever-increasing standard of living; greater personal wealth; achieving fame; finding true love; embracing religious or spiritual beliefs; engaging with family and community; and such popular prescriptions as effective goal setting, reducing stress and raising self-esteem.


So which, if any, of these paths can actually increase our happiness in any lasting or substantial way?

The conclusions the book draws challenge our understanding of happiness and turn many cultural myths upside down.


This is a provocative, highly-readable and thoroughly entertaining examination of our culture and the way it influences us.


HAPPY? is published by Beaut Books.


"Tony Wellington should be congratulated for having the courage to stand up to just about every dominant, mainstream and ultimately forceful ideology in Western society about what should be making us happy and why." - Emma Rodgers, The Courier-Mail


"Pursuing happiness has become a Western obsession and Wellington's criticisms of the quick fixes pushed by the rapture pimps (fame, self-esteem, romance, religion and shopping) are timely." - Emma Tom,  The Australian Literary Review


"The book is interesting and enlightening, particularly in pointing out that what makes us deeply content is a sense of belonging - something that is sadly lacking in the rush-rush modern world." - Jane Fynes-Clinton, Salt



Tony was the instigator and co-author with John Shand of the book "DON'T SHOOT THE BEST BOY! - the film crew at work".


This book details the film-making process from the Australian perspective, incorporating interviews with 27 Australian film craftspeople. 


Published by Currency Press in 1988, the book is now out of print.




Tony has also written for Australian Jazz Magazine and the subsequent Australian Jazz and Blues Magazine. He was a contributor to "Themes and Issues - The Family", published by Oxford University Press in 1990. He has had articles published in a wide range of magazines and newspapers including Filmnews, Australian Artist, Courier-Mail, Sunshine Coast Daily, Noosa News, Salt, etc. He has also penned forewords for various books and publications.